PartyNextDoor – Just A Rider Lyrics

I woke up fast cause I was in love with it
But now Cassidy’s just a plug
She got me lit every time
Taking my sh*t every time
FaceTiming was never face time
I’m calling back girl every time

(Verse 1)
I start thinking that you might be for me, forreal
I think that coupe was meant for three, forreal
I got that house in Miami
With all these distractions, look I’m a fool, girl
Look I can’t tell
If shawty feel me, tell me if you feel me
If I was broke, still grinding like I’m broke
Would you still feel me?
If feds called and said they caught me on some drugs
Would you leave me?
If I was running through the 6 with my woes
You’d be way, way back
But they never been the
You the realest, you know that recognition
I’m just glad that you know
I’m just glad that you know
I guess now that you know,
Glad that you know
My woman is not a bi**h, she’s a queen
Now that you know this
My woman is not a bi**h, she’s a queen

You’re bad for me now
Real one in the world for me
Ride or die all night and everyday for me
All day, ni**a
Know you’ll ride, know you’ll ride
I know you’ll ride for me