Cham – Jump Off [New Music]

Here’s a new track by Dancehall star Cham “Jump Off,” produced by MadHouse Productions.

Flunk high school suh mi never get no certi
But a bare liquor man a beat paw mi berti
Work ten mill suh you know mi a go splert hi
People a predict seh mi nuh live fi si 30
Money gi wi power suh wi a go exert hi
First thing first wi a go get rid a Berti
Haffi go show-off pon the whole a dem weh hurt wi
Worst how wi know mama hate Mrs Girty

Yo inlaw dem nuh think seh you worth hi
True yo go a dance dem have it seh you flirty
True yo dress sexy dem swear seh you thirsty
Tell dem f**k off caw dem mind too dirty

Cham – Jump Off Lyrics

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