The Game Ft. Kanye West – Mula [New Music]

The Game teamed up with the man who will be running for president 2020, Kanye West on new track “Mula.”

Cause ain’t no real ni**as out here
Ye what these ni**as start humming out their mouth with?
Bunch of bulls**t, weak ass albums
Bunch of lil ni**as tryna copy our style
When we originated this
Whole mothaf**king album had hits
That’s why we up in the Ritz
That’s why I’m up in your bi**h, head honcho
Get you killed pronto, wearing red now, El Segundo
Bail long as Alonzo Mourning
Kill a ni**a in his Monte Carlo like Alonzo
Sold records, sold crack, ni**a, recognize
For the record, I’ve been wrecking s**t since 05

The Game Ft. Kanye West – Mula Lyrics

Listen full track below.