The Game – Standing On Ferraris (feat. Diddy) Lyrics

I put that on Piru
Yo Game, let’s go

(Chorus – Game)
I’ve been shot stabbed, left for dead
Walked through every hood in LA, bandana on my head
Guarantee that s**t was red
Machetes and them choppers out
Bi**hes with their knockers out
I done f**ked em all, that’s why I’m standing on Ferraris, ni**a
From the corner plan lookout to kitchen cookouts
Yeah, that’s why I’m standing on Ferraris, ni**a
In a 64, 6’5, too big for a Bugatti
That’s why I’m standing on Ferraris, ni**a

(Verse 1 – Game)
Ran the west for a decade ni**a, check the bio
Gave you Cincinnati fitteds like I get it in Ohio
Autographs on the vinyl made the Lamb albino
Straight away in the Wraith, that’s a Peyton Manning spiral
You looking at your idol, Jesus wrote the Bible
Yeezus, that’s my Nike town rival
Dare a ni**a try me now, like why me now
Looking for Red Octobers, I will tie him down
Stay laced, spit nothing but based, yeah
All my s**t bump like Craig Mack face
Ask your favorite bi**h how my d**k taste
Ask your neighbor’s bi**h how my d**k taste
Don’t take orders, I dictate
Get your s**t straight, d*ckface
Perpetual Rollies with the big face
I got em loving the movement
Been so long, I’m feeling like Rick Rubing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Game)
Top floor at the Biltmore
Say they want a war, s**t, that’s what I’m built for
Lounging, Miami with the eye candy
Bi**hes names Sandy and Bambi, my exes can’t stand me
God blessed the ni**a with more swag than Jigga
More hoes than Trigga, Trigga no, that’s my ni**a though
Figure four down, Figueroa
Rick Flair Phantom
All red flannel, ni**as don’t hit me though
Spit on models, R.Kelly, piss on the center fold
Ever since Doc showed me a billion in a envelope
Love Jimmy, f**k Interscope
I’m a don, walk outside, naked, Cuban cigar and Louboutins, huh
Sh*t on my lawn, snakes in the grass
I hear em slithering and hissing whenever I pass
Riding round in something French Khloe Kardash
Two hundred on the dash, that’s your ass

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Diddy)
Yo, this ni**a Game bought me a motherf**kin red Ferrari for my birthday, ni**a
I put that on Piru, Told me I was honorary
Put that on Piru, I said, ni**a I’m with whatever with this motherf**king red Ferrari ni**a
Yeah, I’ll take it
Ni**a, Game giving out Ferraris for no reason
It was just a Tuesday
A motherf**king Tuesday
Ni**as said happy Tuesday, Puff
Now that ni**a wanna stand on my Ferrari every day
Now that ni**a wanna stand on my motherf**king Ferrari all the time
Driving down the street with Hype Williams shooting a video
We ain’t even shooting a video, we just motherf**king riding down the street
This ni**a got Hype Williams shooting and sh*t

See this what happens when that east meets west
We get together, know what I’m saying?
Say f**k the rest, we start partying and bullshi**ing
Having a good time, throwing pool parties and s**t
Ni**as start buying ni**as from the east coast Ferraris and s**t
s**t all good, red Ferraris at that, ni**a
S**t, ain’t got no time for no other s**t
I just got time to get this motherf**king money man
Get this money with me man
So that’s what we decided to do so now we getting more money than anybody and everybody
And the only color that we motherf**king at the end of the day
Gonna beef over is that motherf**king green motherf**ker