Disclosure ft. The Weeknd – Nocturnal Lyrics

(Verse 1 – The Weeknd)
Street lights, turn on one by one
My hope is, descending like the sun
Try to tell myself there’s
Freedom in the loneliness, oh baby
Always restless, story of my life
Disconnected, body clock’s not right
Try to tell myself that, I’mma get some sleep tonight

Found myself where I started, this isn’t where I want to be
The time that I find hardest, always comes eventually

(Chorus – The Weeknd)
My shadow doesn’t show in the dark
The night time is inclined to my heart
The emptiness I felt from the start
Will follow me till I fall apart
Nocturnal, nocturnal, nocturnal, nocturnal

(Verse 2 – The Weeknd)
My demons are blocking out the light
And my mind is, about to loose the fight
Why can’t I find peace, when a Caracal could sleep tonight,yeah!
Your absence, isn’t something that I choose, choose, choose choose
The truth is, you were never mine to loose, loose, loose, loose
Said that I feel lifeless, tryna get away from you, oh baby, oh

(Repeat Chorus 2X)