Popcaan – Bad A Road Lyrics

Portmore city unruly
Kingston city unruly
Mobay city
Unuh a mi bad schooly

Tell dem, bad in a wi house
And bad in a the road
Rifle mi walk wid yo naw si no sword
You nuh hear the van shot off in a code
Nagozed seh the thing dem load
Cyaa gi mi talk in a no area code
Mi wi buss yo head today a nuh broad board
St. Thomas a mi yard, 3 West
Yow wi dead a dark road

(Verse 1)
When time the 50 clap 6:00
People a ask if a the M50 that
900, more people drop
When mi load up mi gun dem like 90 cas
Catch him a that road
A punanny shop
Bullet burn yo skin
No gunnarriah punanny shot
When mi seh lift up everything no man cyaa seh rifle lock
Mi mack 90 stifle that
Bwoy get grains and run go drop
Mi si rifle tall like Lana map
Dem a try fi run when corn a pop
Caniba fly through canganot

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Any bwoy seh dem evil that me
Nuh evil that gunshot, mi done chat
And fi mi killy, killy, friend dem
Wi love fi meck gun crack
Dem bwoy deh a rookie like young cop
Mi nuh join long talk a mi gun chat
And hi nuh tek nothing at all, nothing at all
Fi send dem up a Dovecot
From mi likkle bit mi love strap
Baby G, wa do some young sprat
Come a tell man bout intelligent badness
No badness dem a donse bat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)