PARTYNEXTDOOR – Blasé (Remix) Lyrics

Deep down, ni**a, I’mma keep being put it down for respect
Deep down half of these rappers ain’t f**king with me unless they coming with a check
And s**t, I’m about to put this bi**h to work
I don’t want to hear how much it hurt
She gon me make beg for it like her
Down I call it purp
Six side roaming got a license on your first and I’m ready
Diamonds looking like a Ice Cuban jheri curl wash em off
I’m a rock star, never sold a pack
But I sold a couple bi**hes in a booby trap
And I, I popped a collar and weight
For s**t just to change like
Doctor on the patients
Shoot the potatoes, no vape
Blasé, Blasé, Blasé, Blasé
Keep it so hard in this Maserati
Blasé, Blasé, Blasé, Blasé
Blasé, Blasé, Blasé, Blasé