Juicy J – Mix It Lyrics

Mix that drank, purple sprite, mix it ni**a
Mix that molly with that white, mix it ni**a
Mix them pills with that loud, mix it ni**a
Mix that clear with that brown, mix it ni**a
Mix that s**t up, get high as f**k
Mix that s**t up, get high as f**k
Mix that s**t up, get high as f**k
Mix that s**t up, get high as f**k

(Verse 1)
I step in the hotel I see bi**hes galore
Wiz on my line, he say he bring it more
Foreign chicks and hood chicks, we gon mix that s**t up
She pop a pill fore she came, now she just can’t get enough
Come f**k with me shawty, cause I can make you a star
They gon roll that red carpet out, where ever we are
Sex, drugs and alcohol, let’s mix that sh*t up
My ni**a Chevy bought a pound, we gon twist that s**t up
We gon turn this bi**h up, probably turn that bi**h out
She put her ass in the air and put her face in a couch
Hotel security, thought that s**t was gon end
They try to come and put us out, they ended up joining in
Mix it up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wiz finally made it to this bi**h, he got 30 chicks
I got sprite and I got Actavis, thats a dirty mix
I be riding dirty, but I never f**k a dirty bi**h
Codeine in my system, holy sh*t I got purple piss
Ace and, mix that s**t up
Ni**as still hating, they need to get their s**t up
Big Triece in the floor, he sloppy drunk
10 in the morning ni**a we do what we want
I’m on so many drugs, I swear I’m high as f**k
And I’m gon mix me some mo, ain’t no such thing as too much
I got some drank in my cup and a couple of pints in the cut
And I don’t wanna make love shawty, I just wanna f**k
Gon mix it up

(Repeat Chorus)