Rick Ross – World’s Finest ft. Meek Mill Lyrics

(Intro – Rick Ross)
Tonight the night, one night only
Already sold out
This what you’ve been asking for
Double M, Meek Milly, Rozay!

(Verse 1 – Rick Ross)
All the whips got rims on em
My bi**h posts pics, no filters
Rich car with the parking sticker, six figures
I pray for them b**ches who don’t feel us
Rooftop hellipad, I can sit it down
Gold diggers in Dubai, I get around
D-boys in Opa locka still get it down
Black curvy dress, I let her zip it down
Spin around, lick around, hit it
Black wolves in sheep clothes and mink coats
Petite broads, unique broads with deep throats
Puerto Ricans with cocaina on speedboats
F**k Obamacare, I want a kilo
I keep a stick in the Rolls Royce
You never know, riding with your old boy
My cigar lit up like I’m Suge Knight
Put a bullet in a bully, ni**a, good night

Yeah baby, show you all the finer things
Cuban links and diamond rings
You know you’ve got designer dreams
Get it, get money
Everything’s expensive, nothing’s too good
Champagne with the movie stars
Black Maybach in my garage
Rolexes and all the Audemars
Everything’s expensive, nothing’s too good

(Verse 2 – Rick Ross)
I’m talking slick with a big d**k
Food stamp recipient in a big Benz
We in the party and we 40 deep
80 bi**hes wanna f**k these 40 Gs
Ni**a bottle tab 40 Gs
We getting money with Detroit players
My west coast homies touching much paper
East coast ni**as got the city hot
Count a half a milli, do the Diddy bop
I keep my city posted to the top
Dirty south ni**as fronting 50 blocks
Ni**as killing bi**hes over ass shots
DC ni**as even killing cops
All my real ni**as just seeing guap

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Meek Mill)
This should be the Real Ni**ga Grammys, where we buy Rollies
And treat em like trophies, you’ll never understand me
You ain’t come where I come from, ni**as on xannys
Mommy on crack, how we gon feed the family?
Might as well start selling it, everybody inhalin it
Young, black and intelligent, what they should’ve been telling us
But they was jailin us, locking us in a cell with a stranger
So they could raise us and wonder why we rebellious, up
Ni**as going through pain
I ain’t show up to school cause I was going through things
Now I’m getting this money, feel like I’m going through change
Ni**as driving me crazy, they do it all for this fame
F**k ni**as, f**k bi**hes, they all phony
When I was broke, they wasn’t round and they all on me
Two Maybachs in that billion yard, homie
Dropped a couple mill in the crib like a mall, homie

(Repeat Chorus)