CeeLo – Sign of the Times Lyrics

I wonder

Could it be you and I are a sign of the times?
In the darkness it shines like a sign of the times

(Verse 1)
When I feel like I’m all out of love, and my time is up
It scares me, judge us fairly
If only music could make us understand
I swear sometimes I hear a ghost in the radio
I went from station to station looking for somewhere safe to go
I’m not the only one seen it
So I know I’m not crazy
Cause I can’t move til it makes me
Please try to save as many as you can

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Well it’s something you can’t deny
Go head and ask me why
For the meaning
And if you think you’re dreaming
Oh I’ve got the perfect song for you
If I time it just right, I won’t have to say it again
Will my 2 cents be enough for you to play it again?
I put some weight on it
You see, repetition can change the human condition
Oh listen if it’s the last thing that you do

(Repeat Chorus)