Tyga – Stimulated Lyrics

F**k what they talking bout
All a ni**a hear is my chains clinking back and forth right now, ni**a
F**k with me

Why the f**k you so opinionated?
Saying how you do it but they ain’t did it, baby
You need a demonstration
This is how you get richer, baby
I’m stimulated
I’m at the bank, I’m penetrating
I’m putting in, I’m penetrating
I’m getting big, I’m stimulated
I touched the bi**h, she disintegrated
Up in flames, I’ve been the flamest
I’ve been the hottest, you’ve been the lamest
I’ve been on the plane, you’ve been complaining
F**k the co-defendant, pistol whip the plaintiff
Hit the mall, then we skip arraignment
They say she young, I should’ve waited
She a big girl, dog when she stimulated

(Verse 1)
Hit Sin City and syndicate it
All the time on the strip in Vegas
I got the juice but I ain’t Minute Maid it
But a ni**a made it just minutes later
Shut the f**k and let me finish, baby
I’ll let you finish later
Why the f**k you so opinionated?
Yeah you book smart but don’t be getting paper
Shooting craps at the wind
Getting back to back wins
Made 20 bands playing features
And I don’t need a feature for this
Ni**a I’m TRA, triple double
Every time I ball, man that’s triple double
Tom Ford, Balmain, that’s triple stunting
Tryna get a nut only gets you nothing
So I don’t give a f**k who these ni**as dating
Tsunami the Rollie, my wrsit is flooded
How the f**k can these ni**as hate it
When these bi**hes love it, man this s**t is funny
All I can do is laugh, all I can do is laugh
They try to count me out, all day I’m doing math
All I can do is add, multiply, multiply
All day I’m doing math, but we won’t divide
You ain’t got the flow, you ain’t got the heart
You be on your mark but you’re never ready
You just talking s**t, I can smell your breath
Saying what you do, but can’t help yourself

(Repeat Chorus)

She a big girl, dog
F**k what they talking about, ni**a
She a big girl, dog
I’m gonna do what the f**k I wanna do when I wanna do
She a big girl, dog
I’m putting in, I’m penetrating
I’m getting big, I’m stimulated

Might take her home, gon and dinner plate it
I don’t heat it up, fon’t microwave it
She already hot, she sizzle baby
No salt and pepper, she been the pepper
I’ma stimulate her, yeah simple, baby
F**k with me, then I f**k with you
You don’t f**k with me, my ni**a f**k you too
She a big girl, dog
She a big girl, dog
She a big girl, dog
I’m putting in, I’m penetrating
I’m getting big, I’m stimulated


  1. Kylie is so young for this damn

  2. Why is he nasty? Why should he go to jail? Not interested in him or his music but why is he nasty and go prison when he had it on a plate and didn’t have to try. It’s not like he is dating a respectable person. If anything they both nasty but more so her. She’s a little Ooops…grown up too quick…wanting to be a big woman b4 her time. Both suited.

  3. Tyga is nasty he didn’t wait until Kylie was 18 he should be arrested and throw away the key.