Vic Mensa – All That Shines Lyrics

All that shines, Is not gold 2X
Came up quick

(Verse 1)
Yeah that’s how it happened
Started off slim
Gained a lil weight rapping
Now I’m with the big boys
I’m with Hov out in New York City Getting my A
Wiling out with Diddy bumping D’angelo
Put your camera phones on
I need a billion lights
Twenty one, doubling through life
Like I lived it twice
Give your own advice
Ni**a that’s good advice
And the street lights will take you there
Take flight like Mike
When I stop at the light
Not even flashing lights behind me
Can stop me on sight
I see the vision
Of people divided and put in prison
For the government cheese
We your love overseas
Still bring that home like we smuggling keys
Dirty money, boy that’s how I learned to stay awake
Ni**as claim their money heavy but they paperweight
We know ya’ll ain’t bout what you say
Don’t speak
No doubt, everyday
I done struggled with doubts
Still spit this s**t out
Snakes in the grass
Real ni**as in house
Cause on the low the game so phony
Last night I had a real life dream
You wanna know what it feel like
Like you’d done got away with everything
Then they get you for your tail lights
S**t it’s real life
It’s always something
Sounds like the beats in the hallways bumping
My ni**a I’m grinding
You remember how that made you feel?
We in here and here to stay for real

They say everything that glistens isn’t gold
I know that this s**t could come quick as it goes
It shows
The hoes are never learning take it slow
Sh*t cos we came up quick
We came up quick
Yeah, we came up quick than a motherf**ker

(Verse 2)
Last night I saw so and so
She ain’t even know me though
Love in the club, wanna dip with Lil Romeo
Looking for a ni**a bringing five or more figures
She broker than a bi**h
But she don’t vibe with broke ni**as
Like Johnny Shell the same old same old
Hoes love games
Cubes nintendos
Dread heads with me
Put your head on a halo
If I say so
But I’d rather speak to the peace
Kinda hard when there ain’t no peace in the streets
Unless you got a piece
Then I’m saying peace
Ni**as lie through their teeth
Head under their breath
Yo, when the president speaks
Why I feel like I’m death?
Sorry officer I’m not cooperating
I been too busy getting guapo rated
Popping pills, not the ones the doctor gave me
It’s okay, you have it your way

(Repeat Chorus)