Tyga – Turbans Lyrics

Ni**as work and work and make you work to live
Don’t work, if that don’t work, straps of work
Thank god this rap sh*t work, my ni**as chill rap the work
My ni**as will go back and forth
Trying to pack the work
I’m just trying to pack it back to Africa
More steps than my passport, ni**a back to work
Fynna throw the hoodie on like a turban
Sh*t wasn’t sweet when they left me deserted
And now I had a heart but you broke it
And now I had feelings but you hurt em
Now I’m turning up on everybody, you, you, you, you, you, you, and you
Yeah, I’m turning up on everybody, god don’t save ’em let me do what I do

(Verse 1)
Fynna throw the hoodie on like a turban
Ni**as get nervous when they seem determined
All black Suburban, boom, boom, boom
Came through swerving, turban was
Where the bi**hes at that’s determined?
Where the bi**hes at that rap verses?
She gon tap my name and that’s cursive
I’ma kill the cat what’s the verdict?
Matter of fact I’m back in my turban, back in my snapback let me serve em
Heard your knee crack, I cook that perfect, yeah, cook that perfect
Yeah, I put that work in, Maybach gon’ wrap those curtains
Yeah, yeah, got…like, here go my

(Repeat Chorus 3X)