Tyga – Bu$$in Out Da Bag [New Music]

Tyga “Bu$$in Out Da Bag,” with new mixtape “f**k Wat They Talkin Bout.” The 15 track mixtape only featuring the Oakland rapper A.E.

Yeah I got it bussing out the bag, yeah
This is big money, sh*t be busting out the bag, yeah
Shawty in designer jeans bussing out the bag, yeah
Bussing out the window, heard they bussing at the club
Bussing out the bottles and the models getting drunk
F**king on a model and I’m bussing where I want
Diamonds in the Rollie and they bussing out the bag
Bussing out the bag yeah, f**k it now I’m cashing
You gon feel my fire have me bussing out the Lamb
You gon get me hot and have me bust out the Bugatti
I run into the dealership, I’m bussing out the bag
Won’t let me out the deal, the streets gon get it still

Tyga – Bu$$in Out Da Bag Lyrics

Listen full track below.