Tyga – Bu$$in Out Da Bag Lyrics

Yeah I got it bussing out the bag, yeah
This is big money, sh*t be busting out the bag, yeah
Shawty in designer jeans bussing out the bag, yeah
Bussing out the window, heard they bussing at the club
Bussing out the bottles and the models getting drunk
F**king on a model and I’m bussing where I want
Diamonds in the Rollie and they bussing out the bag
Bussing out the bag yeah, f**k it now I’m cashing
You gon feel my fire have me bussing out the Lamb
You gon get me hot and have me bust out the Bugatti
I run into the dealership, I’m bussing out the bag
Won’t let me out the deal, the streets gon get it still
F**k what they talking bout?
Yeah I got it bussing out the bag

(Verse 1)
Yeah I got it bussing out the bag
This is big money, s**t be busting out the bag
Red cups and paper plates busting out the trash
I’m living in the hills but I’m gutta to my heart
You ni**as know you owe me yeah you running up a tab
200 when I’m rolling got it bussing out the dash
F**k what they talking bout, I’m bussing out a hit
Bussing out the bags then I’m jumpin’ out the whip
You can see I’m cooking, yeah it’s jumping out the pan
Bought out Bathing Apes, spent the summer in Japan
It’s something to you boys but it’s nothing to the man
Money still coming, yeah it’s bussing out the bag
F**k it, now I’m gassed
Yeah I got it bussing out the bag

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yeah I got it bussing out the bag
Long Maybach and I’m f**king in the back
She bussing on my seats, I was puffing on the gas
Took another puff, f**k it, now I’m gassed
Gold shine papers got me bussing down the gram
Balling with my gang, ain’t no fun without the fam
Took a trip to Europe, I was bussing out the bag
Balling out in Paris, yeah they love me out in France
You be talking to the man, jumping out the van
My ni**as don’t be talking, we be bussing out the bag
We just hit the mall, don’t give a f**k about the tag
Told her like, bad bi**h, throw it in the bag
Bi**hes bussing out
Yeah I got it bussing out the bag

(Repeat Chorus)