Chan Dizzy – Long Run Lyrics

Seh gwaan hype till mi meck Maddens claim yo
Point box in a air friend a raise yo
Yo seh yo bad dawg mi hear yo
But try member mi dawg dem nuh play hi nuh

A action mi thing deh, mi talk-less
Action mi thing deh, mi talk-less
Try know seh a long run short catch
Mi cyaa give life but mi can lock off breath

(Verse 1)
A nuff bwoy tek dis, not this ni**g
Wi nuh dismiss, bwoy dem tek disfigured
Yeah, unused leds without thug
But mi love mi index cause a it mi use split chigger
Shot wi bore through yo body and rip liver
If a two a dem mi step out wid a 6 spinner
But if a one a dem fi dead mi not even need gun
All mi need is a knife fi dem quick thing yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
When dem seh shooting a ball in a basket
When wi seh shooting a corn it a talk it
Ground you deh pon fire ball if yo have it
A black bag a roll out, carps dem a maggot
Dem talk a the hardest, heart a the softest
A shell fi a crayfish
A cross fi a crosses
Try know yo bloodclaat place and nuh pass it
Arms weh wi march wid the dawgs quick fi claat it yeah

Yeah, war fear a nuh paradise
People shoot fi kill, nuh fi paralyze
Since yo hungry fi war
Mi kill 3 a yours if you kill one a mine

A wa some likkle man a try
From dem…..dem bat a fly
Yo cyaa violate that is just a fact a life
None a dem bwoy deh nuh bad

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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  1. Intro
    Scare boro Yah Tee dat rexdale weston head manton jeeh nah fintch from dem dis wi be mad things alright den wi quin from dem make a funny step who dem try convince them a killer them dem name never call pon duppy yet hey Chris Rock warn them