Scarface – God feat. John Legend [New Music]

Scarface asked for John Legend’s strong vocals with new collaboration entitled “God.”

If I had to play God for a day I would open up the gates let the world see my face
Remove all doubt from the ones without the faith
And put them on the path of the straight
A safe place, for the young to come out if they want to play
I let their mommas know that they ok
And when y’all pray, I’ll respond so you can all see a sign
And answer every pray one at a time
If I’m God huh
All the stabbings all the war would come to cease
My whole entire hood would be at peace
No more beef
And you could sleep without the fears of being woke
By the sounds of sirens, screams of people being smoked

Scarface – God feat. John Legend Lyrics

Listen track below.