Rich Homie Quan – Still Goin In 2015 [New Music]

Here’s a new track by Rich Homie Quan “Still Goin In 2015,” produced by Cassius Jay.

Been through a whole lot of sh*t I be damn if I go back broke naw no way no way
I moved out the hood bought a house in the suburbs told my ni**as I don’t owe them ni**as nothing
Now them ni**as mad that I made it
Every time I come around they start acting shady
But I don’t give two f**ks about it ni**a, cuz they wasn’t there when I was broke
They wasn’t there when I needed help hey
Where the f**k they was at when my mama needed help, they was no where to be found
Me, Chicken, and Mario had to hold it down
Beat a ni**a a*s give a f**k bout lock down
Take a ni**a weed and he bet not make a sound

Rich Homie Quan Still Goin In 2015 Lyrics

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