2 Chainz – Everything I Know Lyrics

The streets have taught me everything I know 7X
The streets have taught me everything I know

(Verse 1 – 2 Chainz)
With my back against the wall ain’t no pressure
When the defense really on, ain’t no test
Pull up real slow in a taxi
Gunshots turn em into athletes
I was hungry for a mil I got a habit
Drove a couple couple cars up the mansion..nah foreal at one time
Smoked a whole seven sitting in the traffic
And ni**as couldn’t beat me if they practiced
Used to use my safe for a mattress
Used to use my mattress for a safe
See I could count a hundred thousand backwards 99, 98, 97
And I’m just tryna get it every day
They feigning for the trappers and the rappers 3X
And now your mall on that, shawty what’s happening

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – 2 Chainz)
Everything I know
Used to hustle at the store
Used to get it with my bros
Used to bet on tenfold
Now I’m all around the coast
I be all up on the pole
I be smoking on that gas
It might make them bi**hes choke
Old school with the rallies
Used to meet them up at rallies
So it’s f**k your P
The streets have taught me how to get it, get it

(Repeat Chorus)