Drake Recorded Third Meek Mill Diss Song

Drake is planning to unleash a third diss song on Meek Mill and it could come as early as this weekend.

Earlier this week the Philly rapper dropped a new freestyle on stage during his PinkPrint tour stop in New Jersey calling out Drake for beefing with him over his girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

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Sources are telling us that Drake didn’t take too kindly the jab and has already recorded a third diss song where he will address the whole Nicki Minaj saga.

“Drizzy will end Meek with this one and if you think he went hard on “Back To Back” then he even went harder on this track,” sources said. “I don’t think Meek or Nicki or the world is ready for what Drake has in store. At the moment he is even contemplating on whether or not he should drop this third diss. Man it’s crazy how dope this guy is. He is in a whole league by himself just seeing him in the studio working.”

Meek Mill is making it clear that his beef with Drake is solely about his obsession with Nicki Minaj and not about rapping.

“I don’t think it’s about no rapping, it’s about Nicki, he told us he was first in line but it got tricky, I still wake up with the lady that you said you’re first in line with,” Meek Milly raps.

Drake people told us that the Toronto rapper is making it clear that his beef has nothing to do with Nicki and everything to do with Meek being envious of his success.

“Everyone know that he was the one who started this with Drizzy on Twitter and now he is the one who can’t even go back on Twitter,” sources reveals. “All because Drizzy didn’t tweet out his album. So this has nothing to do with his girl who he is so star struck about.”

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