Who Peed On Drake In A Theater? The Truth Reveals

Meek Mill drop his response diss song to Drake last night and kick start the proceed of digging himself out the deficit. Not surprisingly, the Philly rapper has not been getting a lot of love on social media with a lot of folks calling the song “Wanna Know” outright garbage.

There is one particular line in the outro of the song that caught the attention of a lot of folks.

TRENDING: Meek Mill Drop Long Awaited Drake Diss Song “Wanna Know”

“You let Tip homie pee on you in a movie theater ni***, we ain’t forget,” Meek Mill said.

The folks on Twitter are already decoding that line and a lot of folks are saying that the incident did happened.

“Drake got peed on by TI’s drunk friend Cap at the Takers premiere in Hollywood. (or so I heard from reliable sources),” Julia Beverly wrote on Twitter.

Sources are saying that the whole thing was an accident and the man who peed on Drake apologize and the rapper had no hard feelings towards him.

This is a photo of the man who did the peeing.

TIP homie

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  1. Meek is desperate, and these kinds of things just make him look dumb and ignorant. He is a modern day Bobby Brown, clinging to Nicki Minaj for relevance. I only hope he doesn’t turn on her and abuse her a la Bobby Brown now that he knows that her career is much bigger than her ass; and his is no bigger than some of those rap verses he is putting out….