SAFAREE .. I Wrote Nicki Minaj Raps 100% .. Am Not Staying Quiet Anymore

Safaree Samuels is adamant that he wrote raps for Nicki Minaj and he is done being quiet about it.

A TMZ camera man caught up with the Jamaican-born rapper at LAX on Thursday and asked him about Nicki Minaj rant last weekend at her tour stop in Brooklyn.

“They both need to get up off my d*** … you know I am not staying quiet anymore,” Safaree said. “You would think that ni***s being on a world tour would have better things to do than worry about little old Stuntman.

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Responding to Nicki’s rant about him writing her raps Safaree said, “It’s cool because they are hyping it in front of a crowd where nobody knows better but now people are going to know better.”

The photographer also asked the “Burner” rapper if he stands by what he said about him writing raps for her and he responding “100%.”

Safaree released a diss song “Lifeline” earlier this week taking shots at Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj saying that he wrote a portion of The PinkPrint album.

Meek Mill has yet to respond to either Safaree or Drake diss songs despite getting roasted on Twitter with memes.

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