MACKA DIAMOND Females Washing Weave In Dancehall Session .. WATCH

Macka Diamond has a new single titled “Weave” that is taking dancehall by storm. The Marcus Myrie-produced single has females in dancehall sessions washing their hair in public.

“This took me by surprise, I wanted to do a mix-up song and me and Marcus came up with the idea, so we collectively put it together in the studio,” Macka said. “We took it to Waterhouse, and as the DJ played it, I notice that ladies started to wash their hair, and from there, it went viral; people just start follow.”

Macka Diamond last hit song “Dye Dye” did very well locally and internationally last year. Perhaps this is her followup hit for this year.

The dancehall diva also said that she will be shooting a music video and push promotions in the next couple of weeks.