Demarco – Rise To The Top Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Thank God mi heart clean
Mi no move mean
Mi eye dem no red caw mi eye dem green
Yeh money mi si fi share it up wid the team
Heaters haffi go shut up unuh mouth Mister Bean
So mi deal wid it like Ray Charles mi no si him
Dutty heart waan bounce the plug out when it plug in
Seh wi never did a meck it now the whole a dem a run in
Everything a manifest and wi a fulfilled the dream
Ghetto youths in a the scheme

Seh wi no worry bout dutty heart people
No, no, no, noo
And wi no talk too much if wi no need to
No so like cream mi no coffee wi a rise to the top, top
No bwoy cyaa hold wi back
Seh wi a rise to the top, top
No bwoy cyaa si wi flop, flop
Not even wi break light dem a go si
No, no, no, noo
Dutty heart stop bother wi

(Verse 2)
Watch how wi dweet
Wi step out well bazzle
Haters a pree meck dem eyes gwaan dazzle
Crazy tell dem every week wi straight travel
Wi do wi own a thing so wi no care weh dem a do
So when dutty badmind people a chat yuh
Wi still give thanks and praises fi weh Jah do
Dem a watch out yo things meck the whole a dem watch yuh
Cause yuh a meck moves dem stay like a statue
Father God got yuh

(Repeat Chorus 2X)