Spice Says Lady Saw Entire Sumfest Set Was About Her

Spice and Lady Saw beef are nowhere near over. The “So Mi Like It” deejay is saying that the dancehall queen’s entire set at last weekend Reggae Sumfest was based on her.

“You got an opportunity like that as the first female to close the show and you build your set around Spice, that goes to show that I am a very important person in your life,” Spice said. “You get such an opportunity, why not show that you are the legend?”

Lady Saw created history when she became the first female dancehall artist to close a major concert in Jamaica and also Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night.

Spice, who also performed on Dancehall Night, received rave reviews for her set.


  1. Spice need fi shut her dutty looking azz up…..Yuh nuh inna muma saw class.She ever look trashy and dutty, yuh need ah good scrubbing.

  2. Lady Saw did a charity last year she was begging things from fans . Time will tell if Lady Saw is no damn good . Good don’t like ugly .

  3. I do not agree Lady Saw went on Winford Williams calling out female DJs to come work with her on sumfest . Lady Saw is all about her self . Lady Saw is the devil in hell . People are afraid to call Lady Saw out . I was waiting to see some females on stage with Lady Saw . People will say no it’s the promoter to put female artistes on the show . I lost respect for her she behaves so trashy . She is suppose to be the Queen of dance hall . I don’t know if it’s Spice . Lady Saw was throwing words for some one . So sad .

  4. She really think dat she a upset Saw dat much dat Saw’s whole set was about she? Dwrcl! Such a Delusional Joker fi real…she need fi stop wear dem clothes suh tight it a affect har brain….