Safaree New Model Girlfriend Zashia Hotter Than Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj estrange ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels has gotten himself a new chick, a banging lingerie model name Zashia Santiago.

Some of his fans are saying that she is an upgrade from Nicki Minaj in the looks department. “At least her body is not fake,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

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Sources close to the Jamaican-born rapper told Urban Islandz that they have been dating for a few weeks now and things are moving pretty fast.

“Safaree never had a problem finding a new chick he was just waiting for the right one to come along and this chick is the real deal… she is pretty, smart and has a great personality,” sources told us.

Nicki Minaj and Zashia Santiago

“All of his friends like her and are encouraging him to make her the one,” our source added.

Safaree Samuels and Nicki Minaj have been feuding ever since their split last year with both taking jabs at each other on social media and breakup songs.

Zashia-Santiago-Safaree girl

Safaree is currently shooting the video for his new single “Love The Most” about his bitter split with Nicki Minaj. His new girl is rumored to be playing his love interest in the video.


  1. Kaleshia Franklin

    Safaree and Nicki need to cut this sh** out…..If you happy with this new chick then do your thing. You don’t need approval from the world. Love you Safaree and Nicki.

  2. I have something to say of all the comments she doesn’t have the music talent like Nikki. Nikki is real hot even with the plastic stuff and who cares. HOTT But this lady is naturally HOTT Fine GODDESS HOTT Great job Safaree

  3. Rudo Aichlimayr

    If God ever announce that let anything fake fall off on a body, we’ll see the shreks look -alike in hollywood.

  4. All natural nothing would be deflated at anytime. Good choice SAFAREE.

  5. Yea definite upgrade, everything right in ratio… Nicki need to see her doctors for an upgrade.

  6. The funny thing is there are tons of unattractive delusional men that think they deserve attractive women. As a matter of fact, why not compare both men?

    • plenty of unattractive women want hot men.. vice versa..

      • I’m talking about a 5(usually a dude) talking about the girl’s gotta be an 8 or better. I’m not talking about in dreamland–in real life. If you’re a 5 you shouldn’t feel entitled to an 8,9,10 is all I’m saying.

      • If you are a 5 or any number, you should be entitled to what ever you want just as long as the other person feels the same way.

        Can’t compartmentalize people because of what you think their standards are. Getting pass the initial lust will wake most people up on if that person is really compatible.

      • Rudo Aichlimayr

        well said

  7. she is way hotter than nicki plus everything about nicki is fake from her butt to her personality fake.

  8. She is hot ????Nikki hell no !????????

  9. Looks wise….she’s absolutely better. Nicki is attractive too, but comes off fake and hard to deal with. Do your thing Safaree. No hate here.

  10. She is waaaaaaaay hotter!! The REAL deal jajaja

  11. She is hot but no Nicki Minaj is hotter even with that plastic body. But do your thing Safaree your ex is watching.