Lil Wayne feat. Bibi Bourelly – Without You Lyrics

(Chorus – Bibi Bourelly)
I done spend so many of my days without you
I done lost all my love and found no way without you
I done gave up my soul and gave up my pride
And taped up my heart and wiped off my eyes without you
Without you

(Verse – 1)
How you doing? Me, I’m a mess
I feel powerless, hands around this bottleneck
Oh you got a new one, I’m not impressed
And if he trying to flex you can give him my address yeah
I be trying to rest but lord the devil busy
And when I do I dream of you and then the Devil pinch me
Do you ever miss me?
Do you ever wish we get it right and the rest is history?
I wish I could go back in time and fix my lack of time
Because back then I had to grind but see you thought I’d rather grind
You thought I had the time, thought I was lying half the time
And now I fantasize and agonize to pass the time lord

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse – 2)
How you doing? I can tell
You look like yourself and I look like I’m by myself, f**k
But I’m getting through it, I might as well
Cause I know will time tell but it be moving like a snail yeah
You got a new one, I wish you well
Then I bite my nails, I’m scared I might hear wedding bells
I guess I blew it, it never fails you was tired of waiting to exhale
I wish I could go back in time and fix my frame of mind
Back when everything was fine and we would never think of dying
And I was yours and you was mine and we combine and intertwine
And now we in decline finish line end of time lord

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse – 3)
Now you’ve been gone too long, true or false, right or wrong
I’m left to live life alone, I’mma need more styrofoams
If you find your way home you know that porch light is on
I lay in bed wishing your side was warm
We wish we could go back in time and push it in reverse
Cause this s**t ain’t for us baby, this s**t for the birds
But I know what I’ll do, I’ll move on I got to
And this is to you, for you, about you, without you girl
I done spend so many, way too many
Of my days without you
I’m lost on my love, Lord

(Repeat Chorus)

How you doing
I can tell
How you doing
I can tell
You look like yourself
I’m by myself