Meek Mill – I Got the Juice Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Meek Mill)
Rather eat crumbs with bums fore I split my steak with you snake ass ni**as
I rather stay down with my day ones fore I come around you fake ass ni**as
I rather have a broke real bi**h fore I ever deal with y’all fake ass bi**hes
And I ain’t with the flooding on the gram I don’t really f**k with you, don’t take my picture ni**a
Posted on the corner with a 40 on my hip, Godzilla
We was getting to it when they hit my ni**a Dean, that’s when sh*t got realer
I was on the Southside really outside got guns got killers
Started from the bottom of the bottom now its bottles popping in the sky villa
Catch a body, be a body
I’m from where you couldn’t talk you ain’t be about it
I ain’t really with the talking, let’s be G about it
When we catch you ni**as slipping we gon see about it
And these ni**as get to talking like they know me
Finna turn me to the old me
Should’ve listened to my momma when she told me
Now these bi**hes throwing pu**y cause they owe me

(Chorus – Meek Mill)
I got the juice, ni**a I got the juice
Ni**a I got the juice when I hop out the coupe
When I hop out the coupe
Real ni**as I’mma salute
Cause I got the juice, I got the juice
Ni**a I got the juice, she popping pu***
Like I’m Uncle Luke
Cause I got the juice

(Verse 2 – Meek Mill)
Counting million dollars gon f**k something
Put an eight up in my Phantom I don’t want none
Ni**a looking I don’t tuck nothing
My ni**a Ernie got thirty trying to slump something
I’m in the car ass only and the truck coming
Yeah, patna, come dump something
Bust them up we don’t tuck nothing
Take a bird to the table we don’t front nothing
I’m a north ni**a at the end of the day
Gun butt a ni**a with the end of the K
Kick you in your ass and send you away
Don’t come around here like your ni**as are safe
Cause all my hittas going bllr stick em
F**k if you with em
Its money and murder if you f**k with my ni**as
You come to my city I f**ked all them bi**hes
I f**ked all them bi**hes cause

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Meek Mill)
All she ever wanted was a trap ni**a
Every time you ever saw me I was strapped ni**a
Getting blunted in the back ni**a
No this ain’t a 550, this a Bach, ni**a
Ni**a prolly spend you car money on your act ni**a
Couple band 5 racks ni**a
You caught beefing where you at ni**a
You caught beefing when we clap ni**as

(Outro – Meek Mill)
I got the juice, ni**a I got the juice
Ni**a I got the juice when I hop out the coupe
Load up the chopper screaming R.I.P. Snupe
Bout to pop out the roof cause I got the juice