Tyga – Muh F**ka Ft. A.E. Lyrics

Thank god T Raw in this muhf**ka
S**kas can’t breathe in this muhf**ka
No bi**h gon love you like ya ma love ya
Sh*t I done left my ma suffer
It made me a muhf**ka
Boy I f**k around and f**k ya mama
Don’t f**k around with me muhf**ka, cause I don’t f**k around

(Verse 1)
Who am I muhf**ka, pretty young fly muhf**ka, ghetto muhf**ka
Couture muhf**ka, untamed muhf**ka
Sophisticated, ignorant, the same muhf**ka
Muhf**ka, s**t, s**t, muhf**ka
Why you talking s**t muhf**ka like I ain’t the s**t, muhf**ka?
Liking all my girl’s pics, muhf**ka

(Verse 2)
Who am I?
A ghetto muhf**ka, couture muhf**ka, untamed muhf**ka
Sophisticated, ignorant, you ain’t know s**t about pain muhf**ka
I came up from nothing, you don’t know me muhf**ka
Getting money now they say I changed muhf**ka
Yeah, you muhf**king right
I don’t need that, stay cool where the muhf**kinG weed at
Stay true with a muhf**king street tat
Ay boo, where the muhf**king freaks at?
Where the muhf**king freaks at?
Where the muhf**king freaks at?
Where em muhf**king freaks?
Its been a long muhf**king week, I need my muhf**king d**k s**ked

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Who am I, muhf**ka? Blades on a plane muhf**ka
P Game muhf**ka and these lame muhf**kas
Copy what I do, years later, muhf**ka
Did you say thank you muhf**kas?
Sh*t at lease put my name, muhf**kas
No credit cards, I gon need my credit, muhf**kas
I ain’t got no muhf**king friends, but I got a muhf**king family
These muhf**kas gave me hate when I gave em love
Muhf**kas turn snake when I gave em trust
Muhf**kas turn faker with a game of blood
Moral of the story, muhf**ka don’t give a f**k
Ni**a, I don’t give a f**k, feeling like Pac, gon’hit em up
Sh*t, I might have to hit em up
Muhf**ka, put your middle fingers up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – A.E.)
I’m A.E. you should call muhf**ka
Give me that, I want more, muhf**ka
Where the semi at? I want war, muhf**ka
Do my thing like a muhf**ka rap star
Send a hot 16 through door, muhf**ka
Wanna play tough, but I know you muhf**kas
I’m a player I could couch you muhf**kas
Out in LA, but this Oakland, muhf**ka
I’mma have to show you muhf**kas