Shawn Strom – Love Fi Party Lyrics

Mi car have gas already
Bike dem wash already
Pocket full a cahs already
3 minutes just go find out if Tasha ready

Mi love fi party
Mi love fi party
Mi love fi war to
Please nuh start hi
Tonight mi a sivv it, sivv it, sivv it in a club style
Wid 3 college gyal weh get up wild

Mi love fi party
Mi love fi party
But anything gwaan mi nuh f**k fi claat hi
Any clothe weh mi wear that just buy
Weed a roll up suh mi must high

(Verse 1)
In a the dance mi tep in well clean
Mi and mi friend dem
Bare gyal a cheer fi mi team
Suh mi send dem 3 case a nova fi whine pon the yeng, yeng
US a the bar, motherf**ka mi nuh spend yeng
Gyal a whine paw mi do nuh stop, c**key extend
Fatty pon the tricycle, slimmers pon a f10
Turn up the sound selector meck hi deaf dem
A suh mi queff dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yow, meck the gyal dem go in free
If a man nuh have no gyal just gi him 3
Dance nuh fi full a man that a team pree
And mi sick in a mi head like green bea
A gyal alone haffi cool mi down
Pretty black gyal skin smooth petroleum
Bend back way meck mi gi you the holium

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)