T’Nez – Cyaa Wait Lyrics

I wanna make my dreams come true
I wanna seek a brand new life
Today you don’t know about tomorrow
So mi a gwaan work hard tonight

No sah mi cyaa wait, cyaa wait
No mi cyaa wait, cyaa wait
Mi cyaa wait fi meck it in life
Mi cyaa wait till everything nice

No sah mi cyaa wait, cyaa wait
No mi cyaa wait, cyaa wait
Until everything alright
Until mi done wid the hard life

(Verse 1)
Mi seh Savanalamar a mi place
Storo a mi yard
Ghetto youth hold the faith tho yuh have it hard
Family no fi come visit mi down a the morgue
Mi fi deh yah always like the love a the lord
Me tired a poverty, tired a pain
tired a si the ghetto people a cry an a strain
An a regular dem lose dem sleep
A work hard fi meck two henz meet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hail the world a message from T’Nez please listen
When one baby dead another baby crisson
Ina the ghetto weh the food run only one sin a while
Youths cyaa go a school caw dem clothe no inna style
Mama sit down pon the veranda just a drop
Wonder weh the next new day a come from
A youth born him a ask where is mi daddy
When a opportunity come mi wi please grab hi

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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