Konshens – Gyal A Whine Lyrics

Because mi love si gyal a whine
Gyal a whine, curve like the S weh in a the dollar sign
Gyal a whine, gyal a whine
Empty mi pocket gi you every dollar coin

Gyal a whine, gyal a whine
Mi like slim gyal but mi like every other kind
Gyal a whine, gyal a whine
Whine up you body gyal

(Verse 2)
Girl I know you can buy anything you want
But tonight I don’t want you to spend a dollar
Every drinks on me
When mi left the party gyal you better follow
You and yo friend dem hotter than lava
Thank God seh yo mother f**K yo father
What a blessing.. gyal everything weh you do mi find impressing
Gyal yo pu**y seh you come from Buff Bay
Lap in a you leg mi si you pu**y from back way
How mi fi gwaan like mi nuh si
When a gyal mi love

(Repeat Chorus 2X)