Tommy Lee Sparta – Lonely Roads Lyrics

I ain’t trying to be you
Am just trying to be me
I ain’t gonna be what I see on tv
I just try to live life simple just to suit me
And I ain’t trying to live life like am in a movie

Say I am on my own
I be all alone
No one to lean on
To catch me when I fall

To answer when I call
So am just gonna roll
Am o pack my things
And tomorrow I’ll be gone

(Verse 1)
Yeah it been a ride
Down this lonely road
Seems lock on my shoulder I carry the whole world
Such an heavy load, and I cant take no more
Seems like the devil standing at my front door

And I ain’t gonna hide, noo
I ain’t got to fight, noo
I live my life righteous, yeah
Even though am uncle demond

Never am the innocent
To me that is no relevant
Ma mama grow me good
Because she said that am intelligent
A nuff youths deh a jail house
Some a dem get life imprisonment
And it wouldn’t be better if a me a be the evidence

Am a spartan till I die
Just like you I bleed and cry
Am not trying to touch the sky
Am just trying to survive

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Ohh God tell mi wa mi do
That was so bad to make you angry
And so man, please forgive me!
I know you always with me
Protect me pon the road weh mi chad

And I will ever rise when I seems unlikely
And I will make a way for my friends and family
And when I feels like theirs no hope
Mi never load mi gun up and touch the road
And mi nuh scared mi a lion
A true mi future mi focus mi eye on
Stand alone just like an Island

(Repeat Chorus)