Tom Hanks Rapper Son Chet Haze Insist N-Word Stays In His Mouth

Actor Tom Hanks rapper son, who goes by the name of Chet Haze, has stirred up much controversy recently for his use of the n-word.

But now the aspiring rapper is insisting that his use of the n-word will stay in his vocabulary.

Haze attempted to defend himself in a series of videos on Instagram but the backlash kept coming.

“Under no circumstances would I ever go up to someone I don’t know, and say, like, ‘What’s up, my n***a!'” he said in one video. “It’s an unspoken thing between people who are friends, who understand each other.”

TMZ paparazzi caught up with the rapper on Monday in Santa Monica where he made it clear that that he still uses the n-word among his black friends.

Fans are weighing in on social media.