Chilando – Smoke It Lyrics

The weed mi a smoke it, smoke it
Burn it in a station, in a public
Sell couple pound down in a the market
Step through the town like a food in a basket

The weed mi a smoke it, smoke it
Only high grade mi a puff in a challis
Pass mi the barks mi a cut up in a it
Buss a frass laugh then tek a selfie pic

(Verse 1)
Yow dawg tell mi bout the green leaf
No tell mi bout nuh coke
No tell mi bout mi gyal a gimmi bun
Mi brain done over load
Mi puff it couple time like a clothe mi lungs a soak
The smell stuck in a mi shirt
Mi haffi done a pack a soap
A nuh first, a nuh second, a nuh third, a nuh forth
Judge no tell mi bout nuh jail time when mi step in a the court
A nuh food, a nuh water, nuh coke meck mi choke
All I did was smoke marihuana because I want to float

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Frass Orange Hill mi a go
Couple tree a cut hi nuh
When mi smoke up the weed
Gyal maga pu**y fat hi nuh
Westmoreland, Mobay have the highest grade hi nuh
Way mi fross mi lost the f**king address to the studio
Yes a suh it go, high grade you mi love
Smoking up the trees yeah
F–king up my lungs
If you check my pocket yes am blowing up the funds

(Repeat Chorus 3X)