Laden – Gyal Confuse Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Portmore, mi seh mi gyal confuse
Anywhere mi tep mi can pick and choose
Mi still the gyal dem prime minister ask Portia
Gwaan go ask all Bruce
Cause mi have gyal over yah suh
Gyal over deh suh
Load dem up mi seh gas over esso
Still a kill dem, seh mi love dem
All when dem know nothing don’t go suh

The amount a gyal mi have yo can check the potal
Tep a road and mi no tep without gyal
Love the gyal dem weh deh good wid blow job
Gyal fi bad like missis Glue Cogan
When gyal si mi yo know a bay proposal
When it come to gyal mi no antisocial
Mi a f–k yo now gyal but mi never member
Seh yo auntie a mi old gyal

Cause that’s the way me pree
Mi get girl easy
Gyal thing to me is like abc

And mi wi run down gyal mi seh daily
Bridget Faster and Shelly
Gyal thing sound easy to we
Like do ray me

(Verse 2)
Yo think a lie?
Ask mi brother Chino
Yow mi never lonely
Yow mi never feel suh
And mi always have a gyal fi a hug a squeeze up
More than a dozen gyal a weh mi give to Genius
Ask casexidus Chris Genius
When dem put up a song gyal just quick fi it bruk
Crush Road the gyal dem seh a yuh have the baddest song dem a upload
Nuff gyal, buss load

(Repeat Chorus 2X)