Jay Rock – Money Trees Deuce Lyrics

I told my ni**as if you hold me back
From pursuing ain’t no coming back
We gon catch these g’s
Now watch me do just that
Make this money easy watch em doing packs
I told my ni**as if you hold me back
From pursuing ain’t no coming back
Pick your poison tell me what you do with that
Make this money easy watch em doin`g packs
I told my ni**as if you hold me back

(Verse – 1)
Uh, imagine Rock up in that field where options ain’t so audible
Problems steady falling the effects is like some dominoes
Issues chronological, gotta get that money fast
Andale, vamanos, feeling like Osama, got my llama close
Hope them boys don’t come knock on my mama’s door
Ak 47 out that window think I’m paranoid
America, another case I can’t afford, help me lord

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse – 2)
Been about that money f**k the damn lotto
Cruising through the jects with the 12 shotty
Most my ni**as gone or the jail got em
Most these bi**hes wrong but we still jock em
Cocaine in the trap, still rocking
Them hood rats in the back got that trim popping
She twerking for the camera while her kids watching
And she gon take that cheese to go wig shopping
That’s if she owe me that, go check my zodiac
Have many coke and cognac in that culdesac
My uncle Bobby had them bodies, he wore the mac
Ain’t talking…. when its singing that 40 clap
Can’t nobody hold me back, I’m locomotive steam rolling
Gotta fight to keep that money stream open
Liquor shots is for your team, that’s tree smoking
In that coupe de ville with these on it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse – 3)
Gotta get it ain’t no options out here
Her ni**a just killed my partner out here
They wonder why we steady c**king out here
Cuz ni**as they ain’t really locking out here
And we ain’t worried bout them coppers out here
Do anything to try and stop us out here
No 9 to 5’s but we clocking out here
Every chance they get you know there’s watches out here
Oh yeah, got to be that animal
Streets is like a jungle it’ll eat you like its Hannibal
Candles lit, pour out liquor, hope it take the pain away
I ain’t tryna play my way, I’m just tryna pave my way
Mama tell me gotta save them pennies for them rainy days
Have me snatch that switch, off that branch with some leaves on it
Fantasizing bout some money trees on em

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah, on this journey we call life, its always gonna be obstacles
road blocks, things tryna hold you back. Just keep pushing
Don’t let that stop you.
Never give up, stay chasing money trees
Don’t let nobody tell you you can’t do it
Keep going, know what I mean? Don’t let nobody stop you
I mean nobody. Uh huh, go hard for what you believe in.
Stay up, wake up, cake up, get paper
And I swear to God things will fall in your favor