Nicki Minaj Film Scenes For Barbershop 3 With Ice Cube

Nicki Minaj has been busy expanding her acting resume with her new role in Barbershop 3.

The Young Money rapper filmed her scenes in the movie earlier this week and she is surely building some hype around the highly anticipated Barbershop sequel.

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“The scene we’re about to shoot is gonna have u #hollerin when u see it… #Barbershop3,” Nicki Minaj wrote on Twitter.

“The cast is just so iconic. I just… Ice Cube was my older brother’s hero. It’s so surreal. The whole cast is epic,” Nicki tweeted while responding to a fan’s question.

In between shooting her scenes in Barbershop 3, Nicki Minaj is also shooting a new music video for another one of her PinkPrint singles.

“Shooting a movie all night, flying to Vegas to perform tmrw, flying right back out to shoot a vid the following day, then right back on set,” she wrote on her Twitter timeline.

Nicki Minaj will be playing a sassy new hairdresser, acting with the likes of Ice Cube and Cedric The Entertainer, according to Variety.

The previous two Barbershop films by New Line Cinema/MGM have grossed $140 million at the box office.