Spice And Lady Saw At War Over Best of the Best Performance

Dancehall divas Spice and Lady Saw are beefing again following their performances at last weekend’s Best of the Best concert in South Florida.

Following the show, Spice took to her Instagram to blast the dancehall queen for performing before the time she was allotted.

Spice says that since the show, everyone has been calling her about the melee.

“All This Suss Suss and people Calling me asking what’s going on,” Spice wrote on Instagram. “Yes Lady Saw Run go work before me Last Night, as she was schedule to work after but because she Tink she Could a Stop my ting She walk on before her time and run go perform before mi but I hope she see now What Time it is. Fans won’t get it or understand the Truth of whats really going on but I’ve said it before and will say it again. I’m not here to Take no one place, Lady Saw Done Set it already and Done Name what she Name and I can’t change that.”

Spice outright said that Lady Saw is envious of her shine.

“I don’t know what the problem is but I just know that ‘Lady Saw Too Badmind and the Argument Done,'” Spice added.

Lady Saw has since responded saying that Spice has robbed her of her dignity.

“Hate is a strong word but this woman got me thinking about it. I think I may just start hating someone. U rob me of my dignity spice,” Saw wrote on Twitter.

The female dancehall legend says that Spice is attacking her to get her name in the media.

“Spice want to go on tv radio N in the papers every week so she seek attention doing whatever it is to get her her notice . I’m her target,” she added.


  1. Has much as i care less then 0 about bleach face spice, saw you back slide very fast weren’t you a christian couple months back ??

    • You should’ve said “Spice , why bleach when you were made in his image?” Spice doesn’t even look bleach.

  2. Some one needs to tell the world who are these females in reggae music that’s thinking the music is theirs only . Put their ass on blast so the fans will know who they are . I saw in the observer they were fighting Toya too . Reggae music is for every one .

  3. That’s why I barely support reggae music any more . Too much hatred and greed. Bob Marley soon rise from his grave .

  4. Why the hell you all delete what people writes . You all like to put up people business on your all page . That’s why so much hatred in reggae music . Stop deleting what people writes . You write on any American website nothing is deleted .

  5. Lady Saw please you been in the business for so long let it go . Drop it . It doesn’t look good . Lots of Jamaican artistes are not nice . Spice is correct about that . Most of them don’t even give back to their country so sad . They are on IG begging for support . LADY SAW YOU CANNOT DO SPICE WHAT YOU DID TO MACKA .
    This mess look bad .
    Lady Saw you are highly respected in Reggae you shouldnt have to make fight with NO one . I agree with Spice lots of Jamaicans are not nice . That’s why I don’t want them on my IG page .

  6. every minute mumma saw a chat bout h8 smaddy, bill wid di bagga hatred thing. teeth & tongue ago meet but di hatred thing nuh necessary. u cyah just tek everything to heart so everytime, mi rass, as a elder inna di biz u nuffi a mek dem likkle thing deh badda you again, u fi know seh dat come wid di territory. set a good example fi di yung deejettes weh a come up and build yuh legacy and stop follow up foolinish. daz y mi affi rate kartel, all when every deejay did a call up him name him deevn prips pon dem, nuh mek no sense, as a boss dont ketch up yuhself wid di likkla ones weh nuh reach yuh lvl. ratings mumma saw but mi nuh rate di hatred, u seh di same thing wid macka etc. etc. its not that serious, wake up