Jay Z Blast TIDAL Critics During Concert Freestyle [WATCH]

You can’t knock Jay Z’s hustle. The rap legend is trying to grow his bank account with his new artist owned music streaming service TIDAL.

But Hov said he was met with a lot of opposition when he tried to launched the service.

While performing at the recently held TIDAL concert, Jay Z goes after big names in the music streaming space like Spotify and YouTube during a freestyle.

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It’s no secret that Jay Z is being criticized for launching TIDAL, with some folks saying that he is trying to exploit consumers to get richer.

But the rap icon made a point during his freestyle that Steve Jobs was filthy rich but consumers still spend big bucks on iPhones. Jay Z also touched on the Freddie Gray and Mike Brown story.


  1. NOW this lame wants to be Dame Dash, haa…

  2. My response to lack of support from blacks Tidal rant: Not once did I hear Jay say that he is going to take this business into urban neighborhoods from which he exploits the majority of his money from; where he got his due, right! To create jobs, give opportunities, help make some dreams come true, right!. He has the nerve to say it is because he is black that blacks and critics are not supporting him, right! Now he and his wife are always testing the limits of our collective ignorance, right! Daring us to want something for ourselves instead of giving them all our denarius, to support their arrogance, right! No, it is your marketing scheme to get more wealth for yourselves though, right! You’re giving out checks for bail money, right! That’s all in the leaked ploy that makes y’all seem like honey, right! But how many of them sisters and brothers is he going to employ now that they have a record, right! Yet I bet he will expect them to buy his Tidal and his records, right! He talks about Apple being a big head, right! But forgot to mention that the un-philanthropic Steve Jobs is dead, right! Yet Tim Cook gave $40 million to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to support technology training at HBCU’s of our own, right! They are expanding minds and connecting a million minds to create jobs and opportunities for our own, right! See, I respect what Jay is trying to do, right! But why you going all Mickey Mouse cause I don’t give my funds to you, right! Because, I have dreams I’m trying to finance too, right! Yes, we want you to get your due, right! But just not using us when it is convenient for you, right! So buy a vowel and get a clue, right! Help us the same way you want us to help you, right! You’re putting us down for working for our pay, right! Calling us iggas and slaves, right! Not everyone can build a business on a music and rap game, right! But me stacking my coins to own my own is a darn shame, right! You’re talking Freddie Gray and Mike Brown, right! But when was the last time you went to help educate blacks in these same towns, right! Where are you and your wife and Tidal when the cameras are gone, right! Exploiting these black tragedies to act as if you been there all along, right! If you preach change help us with these town halls to create prevention, right! Instead of reacting when our brothers and sisters are already in detention, right! I’m sure you do a lot of great things behind the scenes when asked to, right! You can give tons of money and use your resources and platforms if you want to, right.
    Yeah, I applaud them for living on top of the world, and earning that dream, right! But don’t act as if they are doing us a favor by giving back when we helped by funding their team, right! But if they want to make a difference help us change these minds, right! So we can end this cycle that has kept us in this bind, right! Don’t get it wrong I’m not giving them hate, right! Just that supporting the protest and not changing mentalities hasn’t helped us to date, right! Give a man a fish he can eat for a day, right! Teach a man to fish; he can eat for life, right!
    You telling yours to watch the throne, right! So, I’ll keep my money to build a throne for my own, right! Like I don’t want the same for my own, right! See, I don’t own an iPhone or put my kids in those “kicks”, right! I chose to invest that money in something so my kids will always live legit, right!