RDX – Bottle Service Lyrics

Sunday gyal waan go beach
Wednesday dem gone a river
Friday dem by the pool
Shi hot but shi still a shiver
Rain naw fall but every girl wet
Mi over the car wash weather

Ohh, oh, ohhh
Ohh, oh, ohhh

(Verse 1)
Girl si yo drink here
Dash off the gym wear
Slip on yo swim wear
Whatever you do here
Whatever you see here
Meck sure it stay here
Gyal a lotion wid skin care
Her skin get down a sincere
Youth in a waterproof make up
And yo can dip the Brazil hair
You are a movie star
SO it normal fi every man watch you
Play water war mi a splash you
Slippery when wet
Shi tipsy
Waitress being more liquor
Snap, snap, that’s a selfie
Bloody eyes in the picture
Hennessy meck mi si weh mi waan si now
Shi look like Rihanna sister

Ohh, oh, ohhh
Ohh, oh, ohhh

Haters haffi watch our, watch our, watch our life you know
Paparazzi a watch this movie a we a star up the show
Order a bottle service
A we seh bottle service

(Verse 2)
Everybody high like wi high class
Mi eye lock down like mi eye cyass
Still a pree every gyal through mi spy glass
Shi have a smile pon her face cyaa wipe off
When you see the quad bike pull up a yo foot girl
Hop on pon the back meck wi ride off
Gyal a pore dance and a slide off
Top shelf liquor haffi give her like a crime boss
Mi waan ice and chaser
Vodka a get girls crazy
Save two bottle fi later
A after party a gwaan in a mi room
Now mi high like mi smoke a acre

Ohh, oh, ohhh
Ohh, oh, ohhh

(Repeat Chorus)