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Kehlani – Ni**a’s [New Music]

Kehlani mixtape getting allot of rotation and all tracks was a major hit after released. Here’s another track entitled “Ni**a’s.”

I’m young, I be sprung and
Sometimes it’s just so damn fast
I’m not dumb, no I’m not dumb
I know exactly what went wrong in my past
So caught up
In what I thought it all should be
I’m locked up
So tired of losing parts of me
To all these ni**a’s

Kehlani – Ni**a’s Lyrics

Listen track below.


  1. mi seet from weh day yah seh U.I. tun inna 1 big hip-hop site. a betta unnu upload and promote caribbean music like trini, barbados etc… rapper dem thing done set already. upload caribbean news and thing. look like unnu run outta things fi post, but mi just a seh. di thing seem boring a way like how kartel gone