Rihanna Drops “James Joint” Amidst Cocaine Scandal

Rihanna is responding to her cocaine scandal in a very big way with a new song titled “James Joint,” off her upcoming album.

The Bajan pop star dropped the new joint in celebration of 4/20.

In the marijuana anthem, Rihanna sings about her undying love for the recreational drug.

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I’d rather be smoking weed whenever we breathe
Everytime you kiss me
Don’t say that you miss me
Just come get

Take a listen to the track below.

The timing of the song “James Joint” couldn’t be better since it was just last week a video surfaced on Instagram allegedly showing Rihanna snorting cocaine.

Sources close to the “Diamonds” hitmaker told Urban Islandz that the allegations are false and that she was just rolling a blunt.

“Rihanna or anyone else in the video were not snorting cocaine or anything,” the source told us. “This is just people seeing a video and jumping to conclusion without knowing the facts. Rihanna has never used cocaine nor is she addicted to any drug.”