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Man Accused Rihanna Of Snorting Cocaine Break Silence

Rihanna made tabloid headlines last week when a video surfaced online allegedly showing her snorting what appears to be cocaine.

Eric Simmons, known by his former Instagram name @easy1money, got some heat from Rihanna fans known as Navy after he repost the video on Instagram with the caption, “Rihanna snort coke now” followed by the hashtag: #shedanextWhitney.”

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Simmons has finally stepped forward to give his side of the story.

“I was not the 1st person to release the Rihanna video. Her friends who filmed her were the 1st,” he said. “Then I woke up and seen it on my Instagram. I [used] Repost Whiz [to share the video]. A lot of my followers [used] Repost wiz back and you know the IG name shows who you got your Repost Whiz from. Mines just so happened to be the most trendy.”

“[Rihanna] threatened to sue and some fans and blog sites made a lot of false accusations that I really can’t speak on for the simple fact that I plan on filing a [law]suit,” he explained. “Blog sites and fans as well as Rihanna wanna cyber bully me and slander my name.”

Clearly, the aftermath has not been an easy one for Eric Simmons who says he planned on filing a lawsuit against some blogs, Rihanna and her fans for labeling him a sex offender among other things.

Sources close to the Bajan pop star told Urban Islandz that she was not snorting cocaine in the video.

“Rihanna or anyone else in the video were not snorting cocaine or anything,” the source told us. “This is just people seeing a video and jumping to conclusion without knowing the facts. Rihanna has never used cocaine nor is she addicted to any drug.”


  1. I know Robyn Rihanna Fenty very well she will never use cocaine or any kind of drugs she is a clean girl promise you that that man will pay and I’m on her side I’m behind her 100 percent

  2. Patricia Williams

    BUSTED RIRI!!!!!!!! Hello, people “if she IS still going through w her claim of defamation suit against this man THEN YOUR SO-CALLED FRIENDS HAD BETTER B NAMED ALSO AND ORDERED 2 PAY UP!!!!!!!! Now Nelly this IS one time you need 2 b more aware of WHO your friends truly are and their motives……..