Trey Songz – Good Girls vs Bad Girls [New Music]

Trey Songz Intermission EP.  featured 6 track and here’s another entitled “Good Girls vs Bad Girls.”

She said that these ni**a’s just don’t impress her no more
She done seen it all before
She don’t wanna deal with it
She says she wants some real s**t

Said that she was tired of the lames and the games these ni**a’s be playing
Say she’s ready for a change but she just gave me the brains
So I can’t believe a thing she’s saying
I got a problem and she’s the solution
She give me her body, don’t give me excuses
She said it’s a body, I know what to do it
And keeping her heart’s just been useless

Trey Songz – Good Girls vs Bad Girls Lyrics

Listen full track below.