Jaden Smith – Offering [New Music]

Jaden Smith up with is game and spitting some hard lyrics on new track entitled “Offering.”

What’s a heart broken?
You see her and you start choking
A dark open room, will Tony Stark open the door?
Hoping, he’ll take you out of this mess
Ain’t no way that you gon live another day with this stress, but god bless
You walk and talking and you got flesh, you so fresh
You heal the world with singular steps, I got next

Jaden Smith – Offering Lyrics

Listen full track below.


  1. Not as smooth singer or high quality lyrics as his dad aka Fresh Prince, but keep practising, he might get better. “I’m a new male Madonna” pahhh!! As if! If it wasn’t for Fresh Prince, he would be a no one known by nobody.

  2. all weirdness aside, di yute talented