Vybz Kartel – Fast Life Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Top speed now gas a get press
If you don’t get a next time do yo next best
250 the dash board a suggest
Wi a f**k up the high way go a West Best
Tell yo friend don’t f**k around here
Caw the black eagle a nuh chicken a best dress
Baby come here meck mi touch yo left breast
Put yo foot pon the desk, lets love in excess

Yo waan si wi homeless
Mi nuh cater fi badmind unuh hopeless
In a the S Class, the fool dem a protest
Never know enviousness was a process
Hold mi the closest, baby mi hand under yo pretty gold dress
Come pon yo face call it a protex
Come pon yo face call it a protex

Fast life, fast drive
Fast lane, fast life
Fast everything, fast car

Fast doe, fast night
So I fast everything
Speed of light, speed of life
Fast everything, fast everything

(Verse 2)
Dem a seh the World Boss
Meck gyal wine up like a car glass
Two fluffy gyal hold mi tight cyaa pass
Waan mi fi teach a, teach a her class
Gyal ride pon the bike the feature her fast
Light up a spliff the breefer or grass
White run in a the bar mi need a half flass
Pretty brown girl shi really half cyass
The Chenell Champagne, Luis Vuitton Glass
Shi really find a hard task
Jamaica flag nuh fly, nuh half mask
F**k from 5 mi reach a half pass
Gyal come wet up mi dark glass
Nuh shoot fi miss the dawg marks
Mi nuh cost injuries, the Gaza cost carps
Mi run the race before the car start
Cause any white line wi run the

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)