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Flying Lotus Ft Kendrick Lamar – Eyes Above [New Music]

Flying Lotus & Kendrick Lamar released new single entitled “Eyes Above.”

Thugging on other planets, plucking my black antennas
Listening for freelancers that bitted my style in famish
I don’t allow the cameras, I don’t allow the managers
I just break down the answers and hope humanity handles it
This is no radio fluke, this is me taking your food
This is you bullied to school, give up your jacket and shoes
This how I practice the rules, this is what happen with dudes
Like Flying Lotus notice the genius they wrote it is rude
You should promote it, I diagnosis it when virus is through
Microphone’s hoping the plug is running inside of Pro Tools

Flying Lotus Ft Kendrick Lamar – Eyes Above Lyrics

Listen full track below.