T-Pain – Relax (The Iron Way) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Man it’s too many angels around me to be worried bout your evil plans
We make mistakes but that’s just what it takes to be the man
I sacrificed the rest of my life just to feed my fam
They upped the price, and I rolled the dice out of either hand
I didn’t get the memo, nobody told me the plan
The N or the O, what part didn’t you understand?
Hundred grand, I’m finna go honey ham
Looking at these Uncle Toms point fingers like Uncle Sam, f**k em man
I’m on fire, I am too hot for you light burners
I might hurt you, my music slap you like Ike Turner
Sit back and listen, I might learn you a thing or two
I ain’t just saying f**k a ni**a, look at what my finger do
You can tell I been drinking coffee with no cream
My life is a movie and you ain’t made it in no scenes
They been sleeping on me and they still ain’t having no dreams
But if you tryna rest I hit you with lyrical codeine

Lay down, relax
Lay down, relax

(Verse 2)
They say get in where you fit in
So everybody tried to make their space too small for me to fit my s**t in
But that’s cool, I ain’t tryna f**k your operation
F**k the initiation, what’s my obligation?
And if I got to do something out of the ordinary
Being part of your organization is sort of scary
I’m not tryna be one of them dudes that’s always a thug
Becoming a part of the haters that are starting to love
Uh, open your eyes and smell all of this money
You might suddenly realize you did all of this for nothing
My spatula game will flip that sh** that you fabricating
Turn the track on and I’m back on, and now you’re back to hating
I’m infatuated with bringing that sh** up out a ni**a
It ain’t really a benefit if you gone doubt a ni**a
You acting like your style fell from the sky
Good news is you got it from a hell of a guy

(Repeat Chorus)