Sizzla Arrested And Fined For Cursing Out Cops

Reggae/dancehall star Sizzla Kalonji found himself behind bars after using expletives in front police officers.

Last weekend, Sizzla was performing at the Falmouth Police Station through an invitation from the Community Safety & Security Branch of the police force.

As soon as the deejay entered the stage, his opening remarks were laced with expletives aimed at the same cops who invited him to the event.

Police officers in attendance quickly stormed the stage and placed Sizzla Kalonji under arrest. The incident also angered patrons who told officers that they knew that would happened before they invited the dancehall hit maker.

Sizzla was fined $1000 for using expletives.


  1. dwl we all knew that would happen, its sizzla. they’re all wrong, they’re wrong for inviting sizzla knowing what he would do, and he’s wrong for accepting the invitation knowing it wouldn’t work. fool fool move on everybody’s part, wah mek sizzla a go so haad? dwl

  2. I Aint Mad Atcha

    Have they ever listened to Sizzla prior??, dem shoulda know seh him nuh deal wit Babylon…